EXPO 2017
International competition
World EXPO, narration through technology
Astana, Kazakhstan
We've found crucial ambiguity between the proposed topic of 2017 - "energy for the future" - and prominent decay of proposed location of Kazakhstan, where excess of solar power leads to degradation of landscapes, damaged by acculturation.

Our concept for the EXPO was to focuse on the revitalisation, rewilding and rehabitation of landscpes by redirection of energy flows.
In the future sustainable world we have to create isolated cores of energy consumption and umbiquitious second skin of the land, which will redirect energy to the cores instead of doubled processes of energy production and consumption in industry separated from overheating of subtropical areas.

We focus our attention in creating of this second skin (above) and it's four pillars:

- energy production and storage
- food production
- goods fabrication and recycling as a holistic process
- education and knowledge production which cycle mimics goods fabrication and recycling in two opposing monolitic towers
The whole form-finding approach is aimed to create architecture which visualise, narrate and teach the technology (not behind it, but being it), leaving literally no places for externalias.

We hommage the MVRDV message in the first tower of "Soft power", and we're bending it's logics to creato other 3 pillar pavillions and central tower.
The very logic of redistribution of energy flow instead of energy production without any externalias led us to the forest-like community of interwoven technologies, without any postmodern decision to "mimic" the forest.

Multylayered, naked, intervowen layers underlayed by rewilded savanna landscape are what we'll see in the future subtropic city - if we'll survive.
visual structure of the expo site is envisioned as naked technology, while the gudelines set to the technology by our theoretic vision made this technology to be volunetric, transparentm cital aestetical by it's own logic
Three streams of life, interwoven to create three-dimencional mesh capable to fully absorb incoming solar energy create new urban reality, where technolugy is aestetics and biophilic asetetics is technology.

This vision of a new urban fabric was among the earliest vision now developing by MVRDV, BIG, Layers and tens of studios around the world, We didn't won the competition, but we won the future, by implementing basic assumption of this concept in later works and research projects.
Ground level - field stripe
Top layer - solar forest (power/shade)
Layered thematic towers
Temporary pavillions - seeders
Water level - thermal storage
All layers rethink potential of Kazakhstan climate

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