Mayukwayukwa Refugee Camp
a PROJECT FOR THE new Sustainable Development Center in Mayukwayuukwa refugee camp.
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community kitchen,
educational center
Project overview
[ general information ]
The Mayukwayukwa refugee settlement was established in 1966 and is located in Western Province of Zambia, about 75km away from Kaoma District.
As of December 2021, the Mayukwayukwa settlement had a population of 21,183 refugees and former refugees
km away from Kaoma District
[ location ]
Project uses adobe and adobe brick walls, profiled sheet and thatched roof, not only to produce more comfort with less equipment, but also to become “wikipedia” of affordable solutions for Mayukvayukva. T
[ inspiration ]
Classrooms will be located near the community garden for herbs and vegetables, so students can constantly interact with the food they grow and learn farming through project-based learning (PBL).
Volounteers will also be able to look after goats to not only learn stock raising but also develop emotional intelligence
[ enviroment ]
The sawdust will be added to the walls vertically and horizontally to strengthen the construction and save on materials.
Mixing it with plaster will help to toughen
the array and avoid using a more expensive grid. Narrow windows on the west walls give enough natural light without allowing too much heat to enter the classrooms.
Each class has an open space for flexibility when designing for educational purposes.
[ solutions ]
It organizes land and water resources for farming by utilising permaculture principles. Passive solar technology such as downdraft cooling towers was used for the air conditioning system.
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