International competition gran prix
studies in dematerialisation
pier for cruising zeppelins
Tempelhof flight field, Berlin, Germany
This project continued my studies in extremely soft dematerialised architecture, where softness opens new formal and functional affordances never explored by architecture before.

Years later (2012) the concept behind this awarded entry will be formulated by Nassim Nicholas Taleb as Antyfragility.

Extremely lightweight structure of combination of helium-filled and thermostatic balloons mimics the aerial wessels it is designed to serve, and follows the laws and flows of aerodinemics as they do.
Jounrney starts from the ground level. Soft top cover of anchoring water cushions filled with 18 000 tons pf water serving staion floor prepare you to the experience of aerial travel, and rhythmic motion of elevators, driven by thermal difference between the atmosperic temperature on the ground level and on the height of the floating pier structure sufficiently differs from the expirience familiar from steel-and-glass power-devourings elevator monsters.
Following the force instead of resisting, as a form of structural aikido, is the fundamental distinction between soft architecture and everything existed before. Let's count forces:
- archimedean force pulls strings and keeps strucure above the ground

- pressure difference conterbalanced by skin and secondary strings stabilises shape of the structure

- wind turns the structure in following direction

- wind, sahped by semi-open inner irises, pulls the vessels inside the docking cones

- thermostatic difference powers the up-and-doemn motion of aeroelevators connecting the structure to the ground with minimal additional power

- weight and pressure of the water towards cushion shells of lower counterweight forms ground level structure and stabilises vibration

Soft and aintifragilce approach has many other features, such as setting down and deflating over the storm wind when wessels are'nt usable. Smaller satellite irises, naturally followed the wind direction and equipped by turbines, generate power fro all the lifecycle including helium production. Water-filled cushions of lower counterweight (station under the pier), if empty, allows to relocate the whole structure by it's own bearing sponson.

Starting from principal point of following more than resisting, we can explore an endless ocean of antifragile form-finding - the dark side of the architecture through all it's history of resistance to gravity.

Aerial docking for aerial vessels
Tension instead constringency
Wind power generation
Slow depressurising over collapse
Antifragile architecture

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